“Manao Sornsilp” graduated with a master’s degree in English. Ready to adapt to an office girl

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It is considered an interesting future plan of Manao-Sornsilp Maneewan, a famous actress of Channel 7, who at this time has completed her master’s degree in England. Just waiting for the situation of the Covid-19 virus epidemic to unfold in a better direction. Ready to fly back to get a master’s degree immediately.

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In this regard, Sao Manao has informed the fans of the drama on Channel 7 that She will turn to work full time. along with being an independent actor after the end of the contract with Channel 7ั
Manao Sornsilp opened up about the matter through a famous media outlet like Sanook.com that she graduated with a master’s degree in marketing. from the University of Greenwich, London, England, ready to go back to get a degree when the Covid-19 situation unravels.

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“The contract with Channel 7 is over. I feel like I have grown up. Want to do something more challenging? and after having completed a master’s degree I have a feeling of being fascinated and wanting to study another step As for the drama, I would like to play a different role. Maybe playing two or three titles a year so that it doesn’t affect our routine.”

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“ Now is responsible for the corporate image building. Look at society, children, and the environment. It is considered a fairly difficult question. What can we do to instill in our employees, children and everyone in the society a better understanding of the environment? understand that the world has changed How are we going to solve the problem, both economically and in terms of the state of affairs?” In this regard, the manao woman said in the beginning that Full-time work starts at a leading real estate company. in the Corporate Image Creation (CSR) department, and will also focus on doing personal business after the Channel 7 actor contract expires. ufatop1.net - FB_IMG_1625758214502.jpg
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